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Miskolctapolca bathing area satisfying every demand

In Miskolctapolca, rest and entertainment are well combined with each other. The ideal destination for bathing lovers, its bath complex enchants both small and large ones. According to your needs and mood, you can change baths every day. You can choose the cave bath, the thermal bath, the adventure bath or the outdoor swimming pool .

Even the conquering Hungarians had taken a dip in its waters, don’t miss it!

The uncial – Cave Bath is a gift of nature. The irregular cave pools fed by the springs breaking from the stomach of the mountain between rock cavities

offer the unique bathing experience. Cataract flowing from the rocks, swirling water stream, water jets, sparkling water, pools with a mysterious atmosphere create a unique mood that cannot be experienced anywhere else. In addition to admiration and recreation, the beneficial effect of thermal water is also suitable for the treatment of many groups of diseases.

The new Ellipsum adventure bath of Miskolctapolca was opened for  the bathing enthusiasts on June 12, 2021. The all season, most up-to-date bath complex of Europe offers 8 indoor, 2 outdoor adventure and relaxation pools, enchanting chutes and spacious interiors for relaxation.

Athletic movement is facilitated by the well-equipped fitness room; massages, saunas, steam and salt rooms serve the physical and mental rejuvenation.  Experience, play, health, beauty, sport, fitness, wellness all in one place.

The Outdoor Bath offers the pleasure of outdoor swimming from spring to autumn with its family and 50m race pools suitable for fun.  In summer access to the Ellipsum adventure bath is ensured.

Miskolctapolca offers many other interesting things in addition to the bath.

Adventure park, bobsleigh track, go-cart track, Maya fun park, jungle playhouse, boating lake, natural park, Rock chapel and one of the many walking routes in Bükk attracts a wine tour to charming row of cellars in Görömböly.

All the possibilities are given to spend the day well!

After bathing can come a hiking-day.

Miskolctapolca at the foot of the Bükk Mountains in the embrace of the Bükk National Park is the starting point of many walking paths, hiking trails and attractive excursion places. For the feeling of explore of the picturesque landscapes that fit into the picture book, we provide Nordic walking poles, a map, and if required, we prepare a packed lunch for our hiking guests.


The romantic excursion destinations of Bükk can be reached on foot, conveniently by car or by city bus. Located on the other side of the city, the famous, Lillafüred can also be reached  by the clatterring forest railway rushing between mountains and valleys. The Lillafüred waterfall, springs (Szinva spring), streams (Garadna stream), caves (St. Stephen’s Cave, St. Anne’s Cave, Szeleta Cave), steep rock walls (Molnár rock, Látókő), mountain clearings embraced by forests (Jávorkkút, Csipkéskút), make the excursion so romantic, which is an inexhaustible playground for children and a great pastime for adults. The Lillafüred Chairlifts park and the Adventure Park can be included as a superb family program. The view of Lake Hámori is captivating, and if we can take the hike further we can easily get to the Old blast-furnace of Fazola near Garadna. From here, only 700 m away is the Lillafüred Trout Farm and Bakehouse, which offers an unmissable culinary delight.

After a day or days of bathing, a sightseeing tour of Miskolc can be included. There is so much to see that it won’t fit in a day.

Castle of Diósgyőr

As a program in Miskolc, it is definitely recommended and worth visiting the medieval castle, which reflects the life of the court and its customs. Its importance is in competition with that of the Castle of Visegrád, it was the scene of many historical events.  Beyond the traditional castle tour, the castle and the next Knight’s Tournament square are the venue for many cultural events in summer. You can walk from the castle to the recently constructed fabulous Fairy Garden – a relaxation park, which is the masterpiece of the garden art.


The city of Miskolc offers a must-see program.

It is a diverse city, made attracted by the various tourist offerings of 4 districts: Downtown, Miskolctapolca, Diósgyőr and Lillafüred. The oldest inhabited settlement in the country, the memory of which is preserved by the city’s museums, unique collections and exhibitions. The atmosphere of the city centre is determined by the monument buildings of the promenade street, the churches of the surrounding area, the cosy squares, the bridges of the Szinva stream crossing the city, and the terraces of restaurants in the street. Avas hill, which is famous for its cellars and vinotheques rises above the city centre; it is a symbol of the city of Miskolc.

There is a rich cultural life in the city, the recurring events have a tradition, so Miskolc is also known as the festival city.


The multi-day stay, holidays and rests offer the opportunity of exploring Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county . It is the most forested county of our country, where nature, history and tradition meet. Our three World Heritage sites offer a variety of programs:


  1. Popular hiking places in Bükk National Park .
  2. Aggtelek — Jósvafő Baradla cave, if you want more after the caves around Miskolc
  3. Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region is an attractive destination, the king of wines, wine of kings

And the program can be extended, as we rich in castles and fortresses: Boldogkőváralja, Füzér, Regéc, Edelény, Szerencs, Sárospatak.

Matyó traditions of Mezőkövesd and embroidery will please those interested in folk art, but should we happen to be there, it is worth of taking a dip in the sulfuric thermal water of Zsóry bath  which can relieve many of our pains.

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