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Online Booking

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Online Booking

It is best for you to book on our hotel’s website online

Online booking can be initiated from our website

After each booking received through our website, we offer to plant 1 sapling tree for the protection of our environment and health. Help us with the program!

Choose a date, enter the number of persons, the room type and it’s almost done; you will receive our confirmation via email with the terms of payment.

If you have any questions, you can contact us directly via our email address or by phone +36 46 432 345.

If you have a special need, please inform us in advance.

The booking fee is 30% of the amount to be paid, 50% in case of a group booking, which can be completed via bank transfer to our bank account, or via debit card pre-authorization.

All inquiries will be answered, the booking and the receipt of the booking fee will be confirmed to the client.

The hotel is entitled to merchandize accommodation booked optional and without a booking fee.

The booking fee is considered a non-refundable deposit.

5 days before arrival, the reservation can be modified 1 time by mutual appointment.

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